It’s beginning to look a lot like… office holiday party time in NYC! After a year of hard work and company growth, show your staff that you appreciate their efforts with a party. And not just any party, but the best holiday party ever. With some planning and preparation, you can hold a fun and memorable night that your team will never forget. Here are five things you need to know to plan your best office party.

  1. Start Planning Early

    You know how it is - December fills up fast with parties, concerts, shopping and other activities. Time is valuable for both your employees and for event staff in NYC. Send out party invites far enough in advance for guests to work around vacation time and other holiday plans. Also, secure your party staff (caterers, DJ, security and more) early, as this is one of their busiest times of year. Plus, planning early allows time for any changes or mishaps, which we all know can happen to even the best party planners. We recommend two months of lead time for planning your holiday party, though some experts even suggest starting in the summer.

  2. Choose a Fun, Festive Theme

    Once you start planning, you’ll want to choose a party theme. This helps to make the event memorable, as well as unifying elements like food, music and decorations. The theme for your holiday party can be festive or not, depending on what message you want to send. Winter Wonderland-type themes are always a popular pick in NYC (just ask the Frozen franchise), but random themes are fun too. Think of a 1980s dress code or a futuristic outer-space theme for something really different.

  3. Get Out of the Office

    Your staff spends enough time at work, so hold your holiday party at a location other than the office. You can also incorporate holiday activities into the location, like with a sleigh ride or ice skating. Remember to plan for transportation to help guests traveling to and from any off-site event, especially if alcohol is being served.

  4. Budget Creatively

    Confession: we love any excuse for a big bash in NYC, and the holidays are definitely the time to go big. But a holiday party doesn’t have to break your budget. Skip the black-tie dress code and tell guests to don their ugliest holiday sweater instead. Hold a Christmas cookie contest which is not only fun and delicious, but a way of getting everyone to contribute to the refreshments. Seek out in-kind donations from businesses that you’ve worked with to reduce costs, or to offer as door prizes at the party. A little creative thinking with your budget can go a long way.

  5. Parties With a Purpose

    This time of year brings out the best in all of us, and it’s easy to work in opportunities to give back at your holiday party. Food or toy drives are a common way to get your staff to give back, and sends the message that your company is one that cares. A raffle is another way to raise money, rewarding winners with prizes. Or tailor your party around an activity like creating Christmas shoeboxes for women in need - while nibbling on snacks and listening to carols. These ideas encourage generosity amongst your guests, while still providing them with a night of fun.

Hosting a wonderful office holiday party in NYC is easy to do with a bit of preparation. Keep these tips in mind and contact Tribeca Rooftop NYC’s team of professional event planners for assistance in planning your best holiday party ever.