NYC corporate party planning

A Simple Checklist for Planning Your NYC Corporate Party

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Whether you’re looking to build relationships, celebrate an employee milestone, or increase awareness for your business, corporate parties are a great way to combine work with a little bit of fun. With proper planning and preparation, your event can go smoothly and even open up new business opportunities. Here’s a simple checklist to ensure that your next NYC corporate party is a success.

  1. Create a budget

    Before you spend a dime, be sure to understand both the scope of the event and the scope of your budget. Make a list of everything you’ll need for the party, from a venue to catering to speaker fees and audiovisual equipment. Allow extra funds for incidentals and last-minute emergencies that can arise. Refer to your budget frequently and watch where your money goes - if you save on one expense, you can reroute that money somewhere else. Talk to a few vendors to compare prices, and don’t be afraid to negotiate for a better deal.

  2. Find a venue

    There’s a lot to consider when choosing the right venue for your NYC corporate party. The space you select is representing your business, so consider the mood and tone carefully, whether it’s a funky club or an industrial loft. Make sure the capacity is large enough for your needs, and be sure to ask about accessibility needs for your guests. Some event companies, like Tribeca Rooftop and Tribeca 360°in New York City, include amenities like catering and audiovisual set-up with each venue booking, but this may not come with every venue you see, so always ask what’s included in the price before booking a space.

  3. Food and drink

    Like the venue, the refreshments that you choose for your corporate party can reflect on your business, so consider them with care. A sit-down dinner might not be the best idea if your main goal is for attendees to network around the room. Also, plan to have a variety of options for different dietary choices. When it comes to alcohol, some events provide an open bar and some sell drinks at the event. Make safety a priority where alcohol is concerned, which means double-checking your vendor’s liquor license and server training before the event.

  4. Activities and entertainment

    Plan some activities to help your guests get the most out of the event, whether it’s learning, networking, or having fun. Party activities could include ice-breaker games, speeches, a product launch, a dance floor with a deejay, and more. Rehearse pre-planned activities beforehand and think about any extra items that may be needed, like product samples or employee awards. Prepare a timeline for the night that allows for both structured activities and unstructured networking, but be prepared to go with the flow too!

  5. Promote your party

    A party needs people, so promoting your New York City event is key to its success. Mailed invitations still have a certain professional feel, but online invites are now standard for business events. Sites like Eventbrite can simplify the process of organizing invites for large groups of people. Be sure to provide an easy way for guests to RSVP, and watch the attendance numbers as you get closer to the event in case any adjustments need to be made. Social media is also a great way to draw attention to your event, so make use of Instagram and Facebook to send reminders as the date draws near.

  6. Get it in writing

    The best way to make sure you’ve covered every detail for your corporate party is to keep track of everything in writing (electronic writing counts!) This means keeping vendor contracts, licenses, receipts, and itineraries well-organized. Maintain a to-do list with tasks ranked in order of importance. Stay in regular contact with vendors, and with the team you have helping with the event. And most importantly with contracts, always read the fine print.

By following this simple checklist, your corporate event is sure to be a hit. With a little research and preparation, you can plan a party that provides the right combination of business and fun. To start planning your event, contact our event experts in NYC to find out how they can help you.