At Tribeca Rooftop NYC, we know you work hard to provide quality events to your clients, and we pride ourselves in making that experience easier for you. With the recent outbreak of the COVID-19 Coronavirus, you may be concerned with safety and cleanliness procedures at event spaces in New York City, and may even have thought about postponing or cancelling your upcoming NYC event.

As one of NYC’s top event management companies, be assured that we take our clients’ health and safety extremely seriously. While we’ve always maintained the highest standards in food safety and cleanliness, we’ve taken extra steps to be safe and prevent the spread of COVID-19.

These are the additional measures that our culinary team has taken, effective immediately:

• All employees are trained in proper hand-washing, including a minimum of 20 seconds washing with antibacterial soap and water. All of our kitchens have multiple hand-washing stations for this purpose.

• All kitchen workstations are thoroughly sanitized after work tasks are completed.

• All bar service areas also have their own sinks dedicated to hand-washing and supplied with antibacterial soap.

• Our kitchen personnel wear rubber gloves when preparing all food.

• Bartenders will wear gloves when serving cocktails

• High-temperature dishwashers are used to clean all glassware, china and silverware, including kitchen equipment and utensils. The machines complete three cycles of washing, sanitizing and drying equipment.

• We are ensuring that hors d’oeuvres are served with skewers or individual disposable serving dishes to eliminate the need for guests to touch platters and food with their hands.

We have also initiated the following procedures throughout our event spaces:

• Purell sanitizer devices have been installed on the event floors for customer use. We will be adding more units as they become available.

• Our staff will be cleaning and bleaching the floors three times a day, in the morning, afternoon and evening.

• We have assigned staff to operate the elevators, reducing the need for others to touch the elevator buttons. Staff will be provided with antibacterial solution to wipe down buttons and other areas of contact.

• Personnel will clean and disinfect restrooms regularly, including sinks, faucets, door handles and toilet areas.

Our Operations and Culinary Management team is taking these precautions very seriously, and working in accordance with the New York Board of Health. The comfort and safety of our guests is our top priority, and we are happy to discuss any concerns that you may have in planning an event.

During a health concern like COVID-19, we want to ensure that all of our guests continue to have occasions to relax and enjoy an evening of high-quality music and dining. We will continue to work hard to keep both your health and your enjoyment as our highest priorities.