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Food Trends for New York City Event Planning

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Everybody loves food, this is a universal fact. While there are many important things for you to consider when planning a corporate event - everything from venue to speakers to budget - food and drink is what guests tend to remember the most. In a 2019 EventBrite poll, 77% of respondents say food is important when deciding whether or not to attend a public event. In order to make your event stand out, take some inspiration from “foodies” to raise your game. Here are some things to consider when planning the menu for your next NYC event.

1) Do It for the ‘Gram

If you didn’t Instagram your meal, did it even happen? Nearly everything people eat is put on social media these days, so food has to not only taste good, but it has to look good, as well. When choosing a caterer for your event, check out their social media accounts to see if their food has the right look for your event. Also, be sure to discuss your ideas with caterers about how to convey your business through food. Do you have a certain color scheme in mind for refreshments? A logo that can be incorporated into the food? Instagrammed dishes are like a form of marketing for your business, so put your best foodie foot forward!

2) Dishes Doing Double-Duty

In 2019, food has to do more than just look and taste good. There’s now an ethical component to food, as well, in a world where climate change and economic disparity are real concerns in our day-to-day lives. Many foodies have embraced these concerns, seeking out restaurants and events where food is sustainably farmed or organically grown. When planning your event, make sure to ask your caterers where they get their food. Look for ingredients that are locally grown and responsibly made, and also ask staff about their food-waste policies (hint: the less waste, the better). Promote these practices as part of your event, letting your guests know that your company supports sustainable food.

3) See It First, Then Eat It

Because cuisine is becoming so innovative, people are interested in seeing exactly how the magic happens. Competition shows like MasterChef have made the act of preparing food just as exciting as eating it. No longer does food have to stay in the kitchen, prepared by an unseen chef - guests want to feel like they’re part of the experience. For your next corporate event, think of ways to make your meal more interactive, from a live cooking demonstration to a behind-the-scenes tour of the kitchen. An appearance by a celebrity chef or a hands-on cooking competition can liven up your event even further. These activities are relatively simple to do at any NYC venue that has food-prep facilities and a willing event staff.

4) Next-Level Nourishment

The bottom line for foodies in NYC is that food is a lifestyle, not simply sustenance. When planning the menu for your event, make it an experience for guests to focus their attention on, rather than something to idly munch on while networking. Talk to your event planner and chef for ways to up your food game, whether by fusing two styles of cuisine together, incorporating food into your evening’s entertainment, or creating a lavish menu display. Foodie fever is here to stay, and event planners have to consistently find new ways to be competitive in this arena. By keeping up to date on trends on #foodstagram and the Food Network, your team will be able to create an event that’s both memorable and delicious.

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