In 2020, micro weddings are seriously in vogue. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, many couples are choosing to hold their weddings online or to postpone the event altogether. However, transforming your event into a micro wedding in NYC is an excellent third option. Micro weddings typically consist of 30-50 guests, so they’re an excellent solution for the wedding industry during a pandemic. Here are a few of the reasons why holding a micro wedding might just be the solution you’ve been looking for.

The Event is More Intimate

Micro weddings always have an incredibly intimate, personal feel. While you may like the idea of bringing together all of your friends and family members, by limiting numbers, you’ll be forced to invite only the friends and family closest to you. This means that the ceremony will be filled with the people you love and you won’t end up spending the entire day making small talk with distant acquaintances!

You’ll Save a Little Money

If you’re on a tight budget, micro weddings can be an excellent solution. Instead of downgrading your NYC Wedding venue or food, opt to invite a smaller number of guests, and you won’t need to skimp on any aspect of the event. By saving some money on your wedding, you may even be able to spend a little extra on your honeymoon or on your first home as a married couple!

You Can Make the Event Feel More Luxurious

If you have a larger budget for your wedding, a micro wedding can still be an excellent option. With additional funds at your disposal, you’ll be able to opt for more luxurious options than you might have with a larger wedding. You’ll also be able to put more attention on the individual experience for every guest. Everything from the name cards to the seating arrangement to the party favors can be tailored to the individual guest’s tastes and preferences.

You Can Try Different Activities

With large, expansive weddings, the actual reception can often feel a little dull. The only real option is to open up some space in the venue and create a dance floor. With a smaller wedding, you’ll have the opportunity to get a little more creative with your reception activities. For instance, you could try a large game to keep everyone entertained — plus, it’s an excellent way to help the guests to mix and mingle.

Tribeca Rooftop + Tribeca 360° are the Perfect Spaces for Your NYC Event

Here at Tribeca Rooftop + Tribeca 360°, we’ve taken every precaution to ensure that we can hold safe, exciting events in our venue. With a robust cleaning schedule, fully trained and tested staff, and socially distanced setups, our events will help you and your guests to stay safe while still enjoying your time together. You can find out more about all of our safety measures or by contacting someone from our team.

We’ve also come up with some innovative ways to host micro weddings on our breathtaking rooftop. Bring along 25-50 guests, enjoy a white wine and champagne service, and, most importantly, celebrate tying the knot alongside your closest friends and family.