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If you had planned to hold your wedding celebration in 2020 or 2021, the COVID-19 pandemic may have forced you and your partner to make some changes to your plans. While it is still possible to have a wedding, many of the traditional elements of a wedding have had to change. For one thing, social distancing at weddings in NYC means the fun no longer ends at the dance floor. But don’t panic! There are plenty of other fun activities that can take the place of dancing. Here are just a few creative alternatives to the traditional wedding dance floor.

  1. Outdoor Games

    If you manage to find an outdoor wedding venue, you’ll be in the perfect setting for some fun outdoor games. Here are a few games that aren’t overly sporty, allow for social distancing, and can be played by just about all of your guests. ● Croquet ● Bean Bag toss ● Ring toss These classy, low-impact games are perfect to set up at your outdoor wedding as groups can play as and when they want to.

  2. Murder Mystery

    Murder mystery evening parties involve role-play and detective work — the perfect combination for slightly tipsy wedding guests looking for a way to exert some energy after the wedding meal. Leave cards with character information at each table. Each guest will have some time to get into character and prepare their alibis. Choose someone from the wedding party to organize the game and reveal clues as the night goes on. Soon enough, all of your guests are sure to be coming up with theories about who the killer might be. Be sure to get a prize ready for the Agatha Christie in the group that solves it!

  3. Trivia

    Because COVID-19 has forced us all to have smaller, more intimate weddings, a few rounds of personalized trivia is sure to be heaps of fun. Have the master of ceremonies create a few questions about you and your partner. You’ll finally get to find out who of your friends and family really knows you best!

  4. Karaoke

    Just because you can’t dance doesn’t mean you can’t sing! Hire a karaoke machine for your party and take turns belting out some cheesy tunes. This activity is sure to lead to some hilarious, unforgettable moments, plus it’s a wonderful way to bring everyone together (metaphorically, of course) at the end of the evening.

  5. Hire Live Entertainment

    If you and your friends don’t feel up to the task of singing, hire a local band or singer to provide live entertainment. You could even hire a local comedian to keep the mood light. Your guests will love the experience of a live musician or comedian, and the artists are sure to appreciate the opportunity to perform in front of a crowd.

  6. Arts and Crafts

    Set up various arts and crafts stations at the event so that guests can create a wedding keepsake. Keep the crafts simple and fun — the less mess the better! If you’ve invited any kids to the wedding, this activity will definitely be a treat!

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