No matter how hard you plan and how exciting your New York City corporate event’s content is, people inevitably feel a bit of a slump in the afternoon. Attendees lose energy and may become distracted by off-topic conversations, personal technology or any number of other factors. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to ensure that you’ll hold your guests’ attention throughout the afternoon. Read on for our top tips on keeping your attendees engaged at your NYC corporate event until the end of the day.

  1. Keep Lunch Light

    As the event planner, you’ll naturally want to provide a mid-day meal for your guests. Having lunch onsite allows guests to stay engaged with your NYC corporate event while getting a bite to eat, and they’ll definitely appreciate it. When planning your menu, choose foods that will energize your attendees instead of leaving them feeling sluggish. This means healthy options like salads, smoothies, and protein-based dishes like chicken or quinoa. Stay away from heavy dishes like pastas, or you might find your guests nodding off mid-afternoon, no matter how exciting your conference’s content might be.

  2. Party At The End, Not The Beginning

    Make your NYC corporate event entertaining for your guests by planning meals, snacks and guest speakers to keep them engaged.Some conference organizers like to host an opening night party, and while it can be a good way for attendees to meet each other and shake off any nerves, it can also leave them feeling tired (and dare we say hungover) for the conference itself. We recommend saving the party for the end of the conference. That way, guests can stay sharp for the day’s events and have something to look forward to that will keep them going throughout the day. A closing night party is a great way to celebrate a successful day of learning and networking at the end of the conference.

  3. Save Your Star Speaker For The End

    Think of your conference like a concert – first you warm up the crowd with an opening act, then you hit them with the main attraction at the end. If you’re able to secure a high-profile speaker for your NYC corporate event, schedule them towards the end of the day. Some guests may be coming just for the main speaker, so positioning the star at the end will encourage people to experience everything leading up to the main event – which is your chance to engage them with all of the other interesting content you’ve planned throughout the day before the star hits the stage.

  4. Serve Refreshments Throughout the Day

    In addition to lunch, we suggest keeping refreshments on hand to keep guests energized and refreshed throughout the day. A mid-afternoon snack can prevent the energy slump, and it’s important to note that guests might not be tired or unexcited by your conference – they’re just hungry. In addition to coffee, tea and water, have fresh fruits and vegetables, energy bars and smoothies so guests can load up whenever they feel the need.

  5. Plan Something Physical

    Sometimes, all it takes to keep attendees engaged is a bit of physical activity. Just ten minutes of movement can boost energy levels, and improve memory too. That’s why the afternoon is the perfect time to schedule a movement-based activity like speed networking or scavenger hunt-style team-building activities. Get your guests on their feet to keep their bodies and their minds engaged for the rest of day’s events.

You’ve worked hard to create an exciting, engaging NYC conference, so make sure to plan a few simple ways to keep your guests interested as the afternoon progresses. For tips on planning your corporate event in New York City, talk to the team at Tribeca Rooftop NYC, one of the city’s premier event management companies.