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If you’re running a NYC corporate event, you’ll probably know that the success of the entire event rests on your guests enjoying the evening. Most corporate events are all about entertaining big donors and investors. While a good event can be hugely beneficial for your company, a ‘bad’ event can actually end up losing the company money — and no one wants that!

In this article, we’ll be discussing one of the easiest ways you can ensure your guests have a great time. By considering these tips for your NYC corporate event, you’ll automatically gain some brownie points.

  1. Be clear about what will be provided

    There’s nothing worse than a vague event invite. Make sure to clearly state what guests can expect at the event when they arrive. Things to remember include:

    • • Parking
    • • Food
    • • Dietary Options
    • • Drinks
    • • Cash, Card, or Free Bar
    • • Coat Check
    • • Lockers
    • • Seating Area
    • • And so on

Think about things that you would expect to be at an event and what questions you would have when you received an invitation. By providing details about what guests can expect, they are less likely to become annoyed or inconvenienced during the event by something not being provided that they assumed would be.

  1. A secure, simple coat check

    If your event is in winter or fall, most of your guests will be arriving in coats or jackets. If you don’t provide a coat check, your guests will be stuck holding onto their coats and bags for the entire event — plus, someone is bound to lose one! Make sure you set up an organized coat check where guests can quickly drop off and collect their belongings. Try to create a simple, foolproof system to avoid things getting lost or the process taking too long.

  2. Dietary needs

    These days, almost everyone has some kind of dietary restriction. Whether it’s vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, nut-free, or halal, you’re bound to struggle to create a menu that suits everyone. If you can, reach out to each and every guest to find out what their specific restrictions are. Once you have a list (or, preferably, a spreadsheet) you can pass the information onto the caterers to ensure everyone is well fed at your event.

  3. Clear signage and directions to and in the venue

    The last thing you want is for your guests to spend the entire evening wandering around the venue searching for the washrooms! Make sure that you provide directions for everything. This includes:

    • • To the venue entrance
    • • To the coat check
    • • To the washrooms

Also be sure to mark ‘out of bounds’ areas like the kitchen or staff room.

  1. A go-to person for all of their needs

    If something specific comes up for one of your guests, they may need to speak to someone quickly. Assign one person the role of ‘guest helper’. Make sure they can be found easily. So, when a guest loses an item, needs to borrow a phone, or wants a taxi ordered, they’ll quickly find the person for the job.

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