The COVID-19 pandemic has certainly put a damper on lots of people’s 2020 plans. If you were meant to be attending a wedding this year, chances are, the couple’s plans have had to be changed. Whether the couple has altered their guest list or they’ve decided to cancel their reception altogether, plenty of wedding guests will be unable to be with the couple on their special day. If you are unable to attend a wedding this year, here are a few innovative ways you can still show your support of the couple from anywhere in the world.

Create a Video Montage

If you’re being forced to miss a friend’s wedding, the couple is sure to miss having you there. Give them the next best thing to your presence by creating a personalized video message or video montage. If you’re in contact with other friends or family members that will be unable to attend, have them all film their congratulations messages, and edit the clips together. When the time is right, ask someone who will be at the wedding to play the messages for the couple as a surprise.

At-Home Spa Kit

The COVID-19 pandemic has added to all of our stress levels. Give your friends the gift of a safe at-home spa trip. Create a care package filled with all of the indulgent things they might need for a luxurious night in rejuvenating. Be sure to include:

● Champagne ● Chocolates ● Scented candles ● Bubble bath ● Epsom salts ● Essential massage oils ● Incense ● Cozy slippers ● Bath robes ● Skincare products ● And so on

A Safe Staycation

If there is a local B&B or hotel that is accepting reservations, book the couple a weekend away from home. This little break will be the perfect gift for the newlyweds, especially if they’ve had to put their more extravagant honeymoon plans on hold.

Cover the Cost of Part of Their Bill

If you know where the event is being held, get in contact with the venue to find out if you can cover some of their costs. This will be a totally unexpected and thoughtful gift. Weddings are expensive, and if lots of guests have cancelled, the couple may be spending a little more than they need to. They’re sure to appreciate this unusual, thoughtful surprise.

A Personalized Scrapbook of Memories of the Couple

If you have lots of memories with the couple getting married, make a personalized gift by putting together a scrapbook full of images of you and the couple. They will love looking back on all of your happy times, especially if you’re unable to attend their wedding. Be sure to include little written notes with the images to remind them of jokes and conversations that you’ve shared in the past.

Summing Up

If you’re unable to attend an upcoming wedding at Tribeca Rooftop + Tribeca 360° in NYC due to travel and safety restrictions caused by COVID-19, try to come up with an innovative way to support the couple from afar. Personalize your gift by thinking about what the couple would most enjoy at this moment in time. Hopefully, you’ll be able to reconnect in person in the not too distant future!