Audiovisual equipment is a vital part of event planning in 2019, but we’re firm believers that you can get high-quality services without breaking the bank. Manhattan-based company AV Workshop recognizes that each event planner has different needs but that value is important to everyone. AV Workshop is able to do everything from providing full-service AV equipment and technical support, to working alongside a company’s in-house AV staff or simply providing equipment. We’ve compiled a list of ways to help you meet your AV needs while saving money at the same time. Here are our top four tips.

  1. Do Your Research

    Just like you would spend time researching a major purchase like a new home or a new car, do some research before talking to your AV provider. Having some broad knowledge of the type of equipment that you want for your event will help you to save money, and it can save everyone from misunderstandings. Have a plan in place for how much equipment you think you need, how much labor you need to operate it, and how fancy your AV requirements are. If technology really isn’t your thing, find a member of your planning team that can take on this role and dig deeper into equipment specs and prices for you.

  2. Ask For A Walk-Through

    To continue the new-car analogy, you always take it for a test drive before buying. So, when it comes to AV set-up for an event, it’s natural to want to see what you’re getting before the big day. AV Workshop can walk you through a plan (either in person or through computer rendering) of what the AV system will look like in your venue. This will help you plan issues like spacing, labour and set-up far in advance, which can save you from costly fixes later on. Walk-throughs are also another opportunity to learn more about the equipment being used, so be sure to jot down the names and models of the equipment so you can research the prices and look for ways to save.

  3. Bundle Up… Your Services

    As the event-planning industry continues to grow, some companies offer a “one-stop shopping” experience that provides venue, catering and AV for one price. These bundled packages are a great way to help you save money. Tribeca Rooftop is a premier Manhattan event that works exclusively with its own audiovisual company, as well as an in-house catering and event staff, which results in a lower bottom line for its clients. In fact, the benefit is not just in the price - by working continually together, these bundled companies have better communication and working relationships too, which leads to better events.

  4. Think Outside the Box

    There are always ways to trim event costs if you just use a little imagination. Go over your budget and think of how you can save on AV without sacrificing quality. For example, maybe you really only need three breakout rooms instead of five. Maybe you can do with hiring one less support staff. Perhaps you’re planning an event for a big-name company and can negotiate a discount on AV because of the publicity that comes with the event. Perhaps you can trade in-kind services from either the event planner or the client. The sky’s the limit if you can think outside the box to save a few dollars.

There are clearly a number of ways to save money on AV bills when planning your next corporate event. AV equipment is as essential to a successful event as any other part of the budget, such as catering, speakers or venue. With a little planning and creative thinking, you can have excellent AV services at your event and still come in under budget.
For more advice on how to save money in your audiovisual planning, contact AV Workshop to speak with one of their experts.

Image: Pixabay