As any corporate event planner knows, things can go wrong from time to time. From catering issues and venue changes, to last minute dietary requirements. These things are all sent to try us.

Keeping you cool when faced with problems may seem tricky at the time, but those who do it well have a few things in common.

What do you need? The right tools and coping skills to put out those fires gracefully. Let’s bring you back from the brink of insanity, while keeping your professional face intact.

Know All Your Moving Parts

All events are basically one big project. Smaller goals coming together perfectly, which all add up to one big successful and memorable occasion. Fingers crossed?

No superstition needed here, if you know each of your juggling balls meticulously.

Knowing what can go wrong with some things and knowing the lower risk elements allows you to build the confidence you need to address anything challenging that may present itself along the way.

The end results? Simpler, stress free troubleshooting on the go.


Prepare Prepare Prepare

Sounds simple, right?

We all know when things change unexpectedly it can have a domino effect on other aspects of your NYC corporate event so some thought into how to prevent the unforeseeable having a chain reaction on your entire evening can save the day.


Have a Plan B

A Plan B can be as simple as having battery backups, or experienced casual workers to take on roles where others let you down.

Not every occurrence can be planned for but having contingency plans for all parts of an event can be your best friend.

When an event turns out to be the biggest tester of your career, you can turn things around with the right corporate event preparation and planning.

The show will go on.


The Right Mindset

Keeping your eye on the prize is actually a good way to get out of the woe-is-me mentality.

Remember the things that go wrong aren’t personal. It’s unlikely that the universe is conspiring against you, it just feels that way.

A positive attitude in corporate event planning is essential. Not only do your clients want to see it, but it will help you get through day to day obstacles quicker and help you move on from glitches faster.


Put on a Happy Face

As a corporate event planner, you represent a brand. Whether it be your own company or someone else’s, the ability to smile in the face of adversity is never more important than when you are the focal point for clients.

Ensure the positive energy is a part of your dealings with suppliers and client’s alike.

It will be remembered.


Communication is Key

Is excellent communication a dying art? You can help bring it back to life with simple and effective routines. It all starts with one question. Always ask which is the preferred method for contact.

Do they prefer email, texting, or a follow-up phone call once a day? Simple and brief communication is the perfect way to let them know everything is on track, or to discuss any issues.

It’s also a good idea to have an indication of where, as the event planner, you have the authority to make changes. Many pain points can be reduced by knowing what you can and cannot do without consultation with the client.

All these hints are designed to have a more confident path towards a successful event.

Nobody’s perfect and no two events will throw you the same curve ball. The trick is to be prepared. Use the right tools to know what can go wrong and how to deal with it effortlessly.

Put down that fire extinguisher. You got this.

When you are ready, we are here to help.

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