It’s the most wonderful time of the year - the office holiday party! Holiday parties are a great way for employees to relax and celebrate the hard work they’ve done all year. Show your guests how much you appreciate them by planning a holiday party they’ll never forget. Here are some tips for planning a truly unforgettable evening.

  1. Expect an Unexpected Theme

    Everyone’s been to a party with a Winter Wonderland theme, and Santa Claus may be cute but he’s also getting to be old news. Surprise your guests with a creative theme that they’re not expecting, so they’ll be talking about the party long after it’s over. Combining two different ideas is a great way to create the unexpected - think “Christmas in Outer Space” or “Happy Holidays in Hawaii.” Ensure that everything from decorations to the menu is in keeping with your unique theme.

  2. The Element of Surprise

    Make the holiday party unforgettable by planning something no one can anticipate. Surprise guests with something distinctive like a celebrity guest, a flash mob, or a magician. Try keeping the party theme a secret to keep your attendees guessing. You can even make the party itself a surprise - tell employees you’ve scheduled a business meeting in December and have party staff appear out of nowhere. Parties are more fun when you keep your guests on their toes!

  3. Create A Signature Drink

    A sure-fire way to make your event unforgettable is to serve something that guests can’t find anywhere else. Work with catering staff to create a drink just for the occasion. You can build it around the party’s theme, or focus on holiday flavors like peppermint or eggnog. You can also style the drink after your company by incorporating your business’s colors or logo into the drink. Add other fun elements like lighted LED ice cubes, or dry ice for a “potion” effect. Guests will never forget your signature drink because they’ll be posting pictures of it all over Instagram!

  4. Interactive Elements

    If you want to get scientific about it, studies show that memories are retained longer if there is an interactive element like movement. That means if you want guests to remember your holiday party, you actually have to get them actively involved. Create entertainment stations that have guests walking about the room, playing games and having fun. This could include a casino table, a scavenger hunt, a photo booth, trivia contest, or anything else you can come up with. (Bonus: you can use our interactive activities tip in the office boardroom the rest of the year, too!)

  5. Be Inclusive

    This time of year isn’t just about Christmas, and unfortunately some guests might remember a holiday party by what’s not there as much as by what is. Don’t feel that you need to maintain a generic non-denominational holiday feel to the party. Rather, let guests know that all traditions and all employees are welcome. (Keep it light, though, it’s still a party.) A simple way to include everyone is with food - serve Christmas cookies alongside Hanukkah latkes, Kwanzaa soul food, and the traditional Festivus meatloaf!

  6. When in Doubt…

    The simplest (and our favorite) tip for an unforgettable holiday party is the ugly Christmas sweater. Although the tradition isn’t new, it definitely leads to some great memories. Ask your guests to don their “ugliest”, most festive holiday sweater and we guarantee you’ll see some unforgettable outfits!

By following these tips, we promise your office holiday party will be an unforgettable experience. Remember that the key to lasting party memories is creating a unique, creative experience, so work with an event venue like Tribeca Rooftop NYC to help make your holiday vision come true.