Out of all of the jobs that come with event planning, choosing the venue for your NYC corporate event is by far one of the most important. That’s because believe it or not, the venue can make or break the event. A good venue can bring the atmosphere and mood you need to make the event a success. However, lots of event planners forget that atmosphere is only a small part of what makes a venue a good choice. That’s why we’ve come up a few questions you should ask so you really know what to expect from your NYC corporate event venue.

Here is a list of the essential venue booking questions to help you make informed decisions about the location of your event.

  1. Does the Venue Accommodate your Needs?

    First and foremost, you need to know that the NYC corporate event venue can accommodate all of your needs. While the venue may look perfect, it might not have the capacity, space or services you require.
    Start by making a list of requirements for your NYC Corporate Event. This includes date, time, and guest capacity. It should also include details about other requirements like a sound system, a bar, room for dining tables, and so on.
    The more detailed your list of requirements, the more detailed you can be in your questions about whether the venue can truly accommodate your NYC corporate event.

  2. Will You Be Sharing the Venue with Other Events?

    Some event venues have multiple areas and rooms. It’s important that you find out whether you’ll be sharing the building with other events on the day. When you share the building, you may end up also sharing bathrooms, entrances, coat checks, and so on. Make sure you understand the amount of crossover you can expect if you are sharing the building with another event.

  3. How Long Will You Have to Set Up (and Get Out)?

    In order to avoid unnecessary panic on the big day, make sure you know exactly how much time you have before and after the event itself. This time will be crucial for setting up and removing the decorations and staff. Be sure to find out whether extra time will result in a fee. Once you know how much time you have, be realistic about whether your setup can be completed in that time.

  4. What Services Can the Venue Offer?

    Find out whether the venue can provide any useful services like bar staff or an in-house sound system. This will save you the effort of hiring another external company.

  5. Are There Any Extra Costs?

    Make sure you’re clear on the costs. Many venues have hidden fees worked into their agreements. Find out whether you’ll need to put down a deposit or any other additional fees.

  6. Will You Be Allowed to Decorate?

    Find out if the venue has any rules on decoration. Some venues do not allow complex party decor, so share your decoration plan with the venue in advance to avoid confusion and disappointment.

  7. How Will People Flow Through the Space?

    Collaborate with the venue on the flow of people during the event. Think about all of the major transitions through the event. Will your guests move from the entrance to a cramped space? Will your guests struggle to move from their seats to the dance floor? Avoid awkward buildups of guests and staff by asking the venue about how easy it is for people to move through different areas of the venue.

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