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One of the most important aspects of event planning for your New York City corporate or social event is choosing the venue. A good location can transform a good event into a brilliant one. But simply choosing a great space doesn’t always guarantee success. It’s vital that you use a good plan of your chosen space from the early stages of your event planning. By using a floor plan or a blueprint of your venue, you will be able to ensure your event plans all go off without a hitch. Here are four reasons why you should always use a plan of your NYC event venue.

  1. Place Your Equipment, Chairs, Decorations, Etc.

    Events tend to require plenty of extra equipment. Every event is different and will need its own equipment. Depending on the event you are holding, you may need anything from a DJ set up, to chairs and tables, to large posters and marketing signage.

Many event planners make the mistake of forgetting to plan where all of this equipment will go. The day of the event can often become a stressful, chaotic struggle, as the team scrambles to place their various items around the room. By using a detailed plan of the venue, you will be able to measure your items and decide exactly where you will place them in advance.

  1. Plan for Natural Light

    Lighting is a crucial, often overlooking element of an event. If your event is taking place in daylight hours, the venue’s windows might just provide you with some stunning natural light. However, if you fail to use a plan of the venue, you will likely be surprised by the light on the day of your NYC event.

Use a plan of the space to predict when and where the sunlight will be entering the room. For instance, if you are planning on any speeches or talks, it would be a mistake to set up the stage directly in front of the windows. The light might become a distraction and blind your guests.

  1. Staff Area

    If you are hiring staff to help at the event, remember to make a plan for where the staff will go when they aren’t in the main event area. If the venue doesn’t have a separate staff area, you may need to block off a room where your staff can congregate. Use a venue plan to prepare a staff area within the New York City corporate or social event space.

  2. Movement Through the Venue

    A crucial aspect of any event is the movement of people throughout the venue. This includes staff, speakers, and guests. While you may have an excellent plan of where everything will go, you will also need to leave room for people to move throughout the space.

Use your venue plan to visualize where your staff will enter and exit the space, how your speakers will get from the stage to a backstage area, and how guests will move around. Most venue plans will include information about the various entrances to the building. Using this information, you will be able to plan how guests will travel from the entrance, to the cloakroom, to the bar, and so on.

Tribeca 360° - The Perfect Location for Your Next Event

Here at Tribeca Rooftop NYC, our team is ready to make sure your corporate or social event is a huge success. We have decades of experience as an event venue. Whether you’re planning a business breakfast or lunch, a day-long conference, or an evening reception, our stunning venue is the perfect spot to hold a seamless corporate or social event in New York City.

With Tribeca, you’ll always know exactly what to expect in terms of the floor plan. Our NYC venue features:

  • 29,000 square feet of space, including 14,000 square feet of rooftop space
  • 12 ft high ceilings
  • An in-house pin spot lighting system
  • An 80 square foot freight elevator for your equipment and decorations
  • A private venue entrance

To find out more about Tribeca 360°, give us a call at 212.625.2600 or contact us to enquire about our availability for your next corporate or social event.