Winter is the perfect time to hold a wedding. The cold weather means people are happy to stand inside and celebrate the bride. If you are making plans, there are a few things you'll need to keep in mind. A well run wedding is possible when you have it all in place and ready for your guests.

Warmth is Crucial

This time of year often means heavy snow and lots of ice. Make sure your guests are not stuck in the cold. All of your interior spaces should be heated to ward off the cold. If you don't see heaters in a place such as an ancient cathedral, you can add your own during the wedding.

Well in Advance

One thing to keep in mind is winter can be a very busy time of the year for many people. People have all sorts of commitments. They are attending holiday parties. They are watching children over the winter break. You want to let your guests know that you are planning a wedding at least two months in advance. That will allow them enough time to let you know if they can make it.

The Right Venue

A good venue for both the ceremony and the reception is ideal. You want venues that can help you and your guests relax and have fun. Many places make very good reception areas. Indoor spaces are a good choice that offers the protection from the elements you need. The winter months are the perfect time to give your guests a view they won't forget. Tribeca Rooftop + 360 has amazing views across the entire tri-state area. Let your guests appreciate the snow and beauty of his season with you on your big day.

Short Days

Unlike long summer days, this time of the year offers comparatively far less daylight. You want to remember that as you make wedding plans. If you are going to hold an outdoor ceremony, consider starting it early in the day. A noon ceremony allows enough time to get selfies taken and get it done before the day begins to fade.

Using Lighting

With so little daylight, lighting becomes even more important. You'll want to have many light sources for a winter wedding. Look for creative ways to bring in the light and make it easy to get the wedding pictures you want. Drape fairy lights over the reception entrance. Look for candles. Candles are romantic and pretty: just the kind of feel you want for your wedding. Place lots of different candles of varied heights on the tables at your reception area. Use candles in the same colors as your wedding theme. Place them on top of mirrored surfaces for even more reflected light.

A Place For Things

Guests are likely to bring lots of things with them when they travel to your wedding location. They'll have gloves, scarves and heavy coats. You want to make sure they have a place to put them at the wedding ceremony location and reception. Check to see in advance if you can set aside a room where people can put down their winter things. There should be someone on hand to help your guests with this task.

Choosing Greenery

Now is when you'll find lots of greenery to add to your celebration. Even when there's snow on the ground you can still find great options that let you add color, light and scent to your wedding. Stark deep brown branches make a dramatic statement that adds lots of color to your plans. Flowers such as white roses and anthurium are widely available. Pine cones can be painted in your wedding colors. Bring it to the next level with the addition of bows edged in silver and gold for a nod to the holiday season.

A Place For Guests

Last minute snow and ice makes it hard for your guests to come to your party. Think about making plans in the event of a sudden snow or ice storm. You can offer space in your home for guests to stay if they're traveling a long distance. Ask your local friends if they have additional space in their homes. Let them offer other guests a safe and comfortable place to stay.

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Photo courtesy of Avery House