Here’s how we are reopening and safely hosting private events with these Safety Guidelines.

Apogee Events would like to address any concerns you may have about hosting your event at one of our locations. As a premiere NYC event space, our mission is to create a safe, fun, and memorable event. Part of creating our events is also addressing your concerns, so we believe it to be imperative that you are aware of the steps we have in place to combat the spread of the coronavirus, Covid-19.

The following procedures have been implemented and are being enforced by our Operations and Culinary Management Team. We take great pride in the people we choose to execute your event, therefore resulting in our sensational menu and flawless service. An equal focus is placed on safety to ensure you, your guests, and our team can host your event.


  • Venues are currently under contract to receive weekly Electrostatic Disinfection via Enviro-Master

  • Daily disinfection is also taking place via our own electrostatic sprayers prior to and after events by our in-house staff using Purtabs Hospital Disinfectant and Vital Oxide, which is a commercial and hospital disinfectant

  • Daily cleaning and sanitization are also taking place using Virex

  • All of our air conditioners use MERV-13 air filters

  • All guests will be required to wear masks when not seated

  • Tables will be set to adhere to social distancing guidelines

  • All rules and regulations established by NY State and Local governments will be strictly enforced.

  • Spacious 25,000 sq ft rooftop terrace for events. This terrace can be divided into 3 separate areas.

  • All our indoor venues have windows that open to allow good air circulation

  • We are monitoring the health of all staff at our daily event meetings. All scheduled staff completes daily screening and temperature check prior to starting work. If temperature is above 100.0ºF or illness is suspected, these individuals will be not allowed to work and will be sent home. They are also required to fill out a questionnaire upon arrival to ensure they are in good health.

Floor Staff:

  • All service staff will be required to wear masks and latex or nitrile gloves

  • We have installed 15 hand sanitizer stations throughout the main venue floor

  • We have installed 3 hand sanitizer stations in venue lobbies

  • Designated sanitization team to wipe down the venues with sanitizer and disinfectant

  • All restrooms will be equipped with no touch faucets and toilets

  • Any food items provided via a station will be social distance protected and all food items will be presented and served to the guests. There will be no self-service.

Front of House: Bar

  • Bartenders will be instructed to wear gloves and masks when serving cocktails

  • Designated areas for service will be visible at each bar

  • All straws will be wrapped

  • All served drinks will have a cover when presented to a guest

Culinary Procedures:

  • All employees are trained in proper hand washing, which includes at least 20 seconds of hand washing with antibacterial soap and water.

  • All kitchen workstations are thoroughly sanitized after tasks are completed.

  • Masks and gloves will be worn by all kitchen personnel.

  • High temperature dishwashers in the facility are used to clean all glassware, china and silverware. This includes kitchen equipment and utensils. The machines are 3 cycle, wash, sanitize and dry.

I assure you that our management staff will closely monitor our housekeeping, personal hygiene, and food handling procedures to ensure the safety of our guests and staff.

For a more detailed outline please Review this document

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