Photo credit: Tilly Blair Photography

With the summer heat breaking records worldwide, it’s easy to start daydreaming about the cooler temperatures that come with fall. It’s also time to start thinking about fall weddings and all the creative trends this wedding season offers.

Personalized and Intimate Weddings

In the past few years, weddings have gotten smaller. But that’s not bad because it allows the bride and groom to create a more intimate atmosphere. A smaller wedding means fewer guests to greet, so you can focus on spending more time with the individuals and families who attend the wedding.


There has been a more significant push for eco-friendly events in recent years, and this fall will follow suit. Whether it’s using locally sourced food to using live plants instead of cut flowers, there are many steps you can take to make your wedding more environmentally friendly.

Bold Colors

Bold colors continue to reign supreme this fall. Think of rich jewel tones and unconventional color combinations for an unexpected look and feel.

Unique Venues

Unique venues are all the rage this fall. At Tribeca Rooftop + 360° in NYC, we offer a unique venue with indoor and outdoor rooftop space for your wedding in NYC. With our stunning dancefloor and ample raw decor space, making NYC your backdrop is a fantastic way to bring a unique element to your big day!

Statement Wedding Attire

This year, wedding attire makes a statement with 3D flower appliques, big bows, transparent elements like mesh and lace, and even colored gowns. The more unique, the better.


Integrating elements of technology is another big trend for weddings going forward. Streaming your wedding, creating photo opportunities for guests to post to social media, using multimedia presentations or effects to decorate your wedding venue, and even mood lighting will all be popular and exciting elements in upcoming weddings.

Interactive Food And Drinks

While white-glove service will always stay in style, DIY is becoming more popular at weddings. Mix your cocktails or visit a chef station and build your meal how you like it. This eliminates food waste and leaves your guests feeling satisfied.

Meaningful Entertainment

There are many ways to make your entertainment mean something. Whether you hire a live band or a DJ for your special event, you can personalize your entertainment by choosing your favorite songs or genres.

You can hire performers like cultural entertainers, interactive games, or even a comedian to entertain your crowd.

In Conclusion

Whether you want to incorporate just one trend or a bunch of different trends into your fall wedding, there is no shortage of choices to put your big day on the cutting edge. To learn more about hosting your wedding with us, don’t hesitate to contact Tribeca Rooftop + 360° in NYC today!